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The Let It Fly Show is a weekly sports podcast connecting fans to their favorite athletes and sharing never heard before stories, exclusive content, special guest appearances, and deep conversations covering all Nebraska sports and the top storylines from around the world.


Apr 19, 2024

The Let It Fly Show⎮Former Creighton Assistant Coach and LSU Assistant Coach Jalen Courtney-Williams

Mike'l is joined by former Creighton MBB assistant and new LSU MBB assistant Jalen Courtney-Williams. They discuss his time as an assistant at Creighton, his coaching career, his career as an all-American at LSU, and his preparation for his new role as the new LSU basketball assistant. Mike'l also discusses the NBA playoffs, and we get ready for the Husker Spring game next week.

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Apr 15, 2024

The Let It Fly Show | Huskers MBB Commit Braden Frager, Adidas 3SSB, and Spring Nebraska Football

Mike'l and Josh are joined Nebraska Men's Basketball 2024 commit Braden Frager. They talk about his reclassification, dealing with surgery, Adidas 3SSB, Omaha's Adidas team ETG, and dunking on folks' heads. They also talk about #Huskers football spring practice and more!

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Apr 3, 2024

The Let It Fly Show | The Jet Awards, College Football & NFL stars Rick Upchurch and Greg Pruitt

Mike'l and Josh are joined by College Football and NFL legends Rick Upchurch and Greg Pruitt. Rick is one of the greatest special teams players ever. He played nine years for the Denver Broncos as a wide receiver and return man. Greg Pruitt starred at Univ. of Oklahoma, finishing second in Heisman voting in 1972 and third in 1971. He starred for the Cleveland Browns, making 4 Pro Bowl teams. The guys discuss their careers, the Nebraska vs. Oklahoma rivalry, giving back to the youth, Johnny Rodgers, and more. This show is dedicated to the Jet Award and Jet Foundation. Mike'l and Josh also discuss the end of the Creighton season and what's possibly next for the Jays.

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Profile of Mike'l Sever


Mike’l Severe has worked as a TV and news reporter, starting in Albuquerque to Omaha, for the last 20 years. In 2004 he cohosted the number one afternoon show in Omaha — “Unsportsmanlike Conduct.” More than a decade later, he kicked off The Bottom Line radio show providing weekly recaps of Husker Football games on the “Big Red Wrapup.” All in all, Mike’l has worked a total of nearly 30 years in media.

Josh Jones


Josh Jones is a social entrepreneur and renowned socialite based in Omaha, Nebraska, where a love for basketball earned him the space to be a student athlete in both high school and college. He’s a huge advocate for opportunity in his community, collaborating with organizations to fight epidemics and bring popular culture to the public. With his infectious personality and a passion to talk about culture, Josh is excited to be on the Let it Fly podcast.